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Étienne Terrus – French painter

Étienne Joseph Mathieu Terrus was born on 22 September 1857 in Elne, Pyrénées-Orientales and died 0n 22 June 1922 in Elne, although he lived most of his life in Roussillon, also in the Pyrenees. He was a French painter.

Etienne Terrus was one of water-colourist who lived from 1857 to 1922 was barely known outside of his native town of Elne, near Perpignan.

Despite the fact he studied at age 16 at the École des BeauxArts in Paris and was friends with Henri Matisse and Aristide Maillol, Terrus is little known outside south-western France’s Roussillon region, near the borders with Spain and Andorra. Even in the town where he was born in 1857 it can be hard to find any sign of the painter.
Étienne Terrus – French painter

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