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Ancient Chaldean arts

The Chaldeans came originally from northeast Mesopotamia and took control of Babylon in 625 BC.

Geographically, Chaldea occupied a central position among the oldest seats of civilization.

Early Chaldean art lasted from a date reaching back 4000 years BC to 1250 BC, when the Assyrian power attained the ascendancy.

The Assyrian empire was overthrown 606 BC by the second Chaldean or Babylonian empire, and this in turn succumbed to the Persians 525 BC.

The first appearance of the Chaldeans is in paintings that lead to a desire to have relationships with them.

The Chaldean worshipped objects of some dignity e.g., the planet and then abstracting these objects by painting images, thus worshipping the thing, but in a partially ideally, or mediated form.

The painting of the Chaldeans, Babylonians, and Egyptians, dates for the remotest antiquity. The experts know nothing about Chaldean or Babylonian painting; but from the interesting discoveries of Chaldean sculpture, made in the vicinity of the site of Nineveh, it may be concluded that their painting must have attained considerable imminence and far surpassed that of Egypt and other neighboring nations.

The painting in Nineveh has preserved scenes of siege warfare and royal and divine figures. The appearance and clothing of the soldiers and military techniques and weapons come from these reliefs.

Working from the drawings, Chaldean men must have been clothed in embroidered and ornamented belts. Ancient Chaldean arts

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