Thursday, September 5, 2013

History of The Dinner Table by Matisse

In 1892, Matisse began study with Gustavo Moreau. After 5 years Moreau told Matisse that it was time for him to produce a major work to demonstrate his progress.

In 1896 Matisse sent thirteen canvases to the recently founded Society Nationales des Beaux Arts; sold one of them to the state; was elected an associate member of the society, nominated by its president Puvis de Chavannes and seemed set upon a respected academic painting career. A safe career was assured.

Matisse executed The Dinner Table, which he exhibited at the 1897 Salon de la Nationale.

However, the situation was reversed. Matisse had begun to investigate Impressionism and his painting The Dinner Table, exhibited at the Nationale in 1897, provoked hostile reaction.

People at Salon did not like this painting because it looked blurry. Not only did his impressionistic Dinner Table offend much of the Societe’s membership, his own father cut off his allowance.
History of The Dinner Table by Matisse

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