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John Collet: English Satirical Artist

John Collet or Collett, an English artist known for his satirical works, demonstrated his artistic talent from a young age, as evidenced by his enrollment in the St. Martin’s Lane Academy, a precursor to the Royal Academy. He further honed his skills by studying under George Lambert, a prominent landscape painter (1700 – 1765).

In 1761, Collet marked his debut in the art world with an exhibition at the Free Society of Artists, where he presented three captivating landscape pieces. The following year, he continued his involvement with the society, showcasing a work titled "A Gipsy telling some Country Girls their Fortune."

Over the course of his life, Collet earned recognition as a painter, often being likened to the ‘second Hogarth.’ His artistic influence extended widely; he regularly participated in public exhibitions in London, and more than eighty humorous prints were created based on his oil paintings and watercolor designs.

While Collet's artistic repertoire went beyond humor, it is worth noting that between 1765 and 1790, a majority of prints inspired by his creations highlighted his position as one of Britain's most esteemed humorous artists.
John Collet: English Satirical Artist
The Frenchman in London

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