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St Remy De Provence

First established by an indigenous Celtic-Liguarian people wjo worshipped the god Glan, the village Glanum was adopted and gentrified by the Greeks of Marseille in the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC.

In the Middle Ages, Saint-Rémy flourished and became endowed with ramparts and a rich city with many beautiful mansions at the time of the Renaissance there was the birthplace Nostradamus.

Perhaps the best known of St. Remy’s visitor was the ill-fated Vincent van Gogh. Shipped unceremoniously out of Arles at the height of his madness, he had himself committed to the asylum St.Paul de Mausolee and wandered through the ruins of Glanum during the last year of his life.

Vincent was cut off from his country, family, and fellow artists. His isolation was enhanced by his state of health, psychologically fragile and erratic. Yet for all these taxing disadvantages, Van Gogh was determined to fulfill himself as an artist, the road that he had taken in 1880.

He was treated by Dr Théophile Peyron. In between attacks, Vincent made numerous paintings and drawings, first in the asylum and its gardens and later beyond, among the olive gardens and cypresses, in the Alpilles mountains and in the village.
St Remy De Provence

The road menders 1889

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