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Paul Herrmann: German painter

Paul Herrmann is best known as a German painter and graphic artist. He was born in München (Monaco of Bavaria) on 5 February 1864.

The son of a Catholic lawyer grew up in the Bavarian capital in the circle of the writer and translator Paul Heyse (15-3-1830 – 2-4-1914) of which was the nephew.

Paul Herrmann study architecture with Friedrich von Thiersch 18-4-1852 – 23-12-1921 German painter and architect.

He attended the school of painting Max Ebersbergers and for two years he was a pupil of F. Barth. After 1880, he worked as a restorer of frescoes and panoramas in Swabia and Bavaria.

In 1883 he studied entertaining in the ancient class of the Professors Raab and Lötz at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, followed by several semesters at the Royal School of Applied Arts with Ferdinand Barth.

In the early 1890s, Herrmann worked as a portrait painter in the United States, and as of 1895 he worked as a cartoonist for small weeklies in Paris, publishing his graphic works and illustrations under the name ‘Henri Héran’. Paul Herrmann passed away on June 23, 1940.
Paul Herrmann: German painter

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