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Salvador Dali (1904-89)

Salvador Dali was a visual artist from Catalonia. He was the leading painter of the surrealist movement and an extravagant figure in his personal life.

He was named after his father and his great-grandfather: Salvador, the Savior. Dali was in May 11, 1904 at his parents’ home in Figueres, Spain.

Salvador Dali
When he arrived in Paris in 1929 after an academic training in Madrid, he was eagerly recruited by Andre Breton an regarded as the rising star of the Surrealist movement.

His style is instantly recognizable for both its detail as well as its bizarre dreamlike imagery. Dali described the idea behind his approach to art as ‘critical paranoia’ which may explain some of the haunting and grotesque imagery in his work.

In his painting The Face of War, Dali portrays a browned decomposing face in the desert surround by many snakes poised to strike.
Salvador Dali (1904-89)
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