Monday, February 3, 2014

Woman in White by Pablo Picasso in history

Woman in White is a master piece of Neoclassical Period, which lasted from 1918 to 1925.

It was painted in 1923 by Pablo Picasso. A Spaniard who live most of his life in France and who for whole generation has been generally considered the most important artist.

It was likely painted in Paris in September 1923 after the artist had returned from his family holiday at Cap d’Antibes at the French Riviera.

Picasso depicted the model as a dreamlike vision of fragile perfection and refinement.

The model is Olga Koklova, Picasso’s young wife. However, in the catalogue to the seminal 1996 exhibition ‘Picasso and Portraiture’ William Rubin suggested that Picasso’s muse in this portrait and numerous others made between 1922 and 1923 was in fact American Beauty Sara Murphy (1883-1975), wife of the American Precisionist painter Gerald Murphy.
Woman in White by Pablo Picasso in history
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