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Adoration of the Magi (Mantegna)

Adoration of the Magi (Mantegna)
The Adoration of magi is a painting by the Italian painter Andrea Mantegna in 1462. Currently in the Getty collection, this Mantegna’s magnificent painting is based of Christianity’s most beloved stories.

 Andrea Mantegna a painter, draftsman, and printmaker was born near Padua, Italy in 1431. He was the son of a carpenter called Bagio.

At the age of eleven, he entered the workshop of Francesco Squarcione an artist from Padua, who legally adopted him after the death of his father. Mantegna was only eighteen, when he was commissioned to decorate the Ovetari Chapel of the Eremitani Church in Padua.

Eleven years later he was appointed as court painter to the Gonzaga family, the rulers of Mantua. In this painting Adoration of the Magi, the three kings or wise man, some people said, the first one called Melchior.

He was an old man, with white hair and long beard. He offered gold to the Lord. The second one was Gaspar. He was beardless; young offered Jesus his gift of incense. The third one Baltasar; he held his hand prefigured the death of the Son of man.

Magi actually were the important man of their own country and may be from royal family.
Adoration of the Magi (Mantegna)
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